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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  February 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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professional wrestling you're right, the w.w.e. jack swagger and his manager zeb coulter made some offensive remarks this monday night on raw. here's a clip. >> the state of our union is pathetic. but real americans are not to blame. the blame lies solely on the shoulders of the millions and millions of people living in this country illegally. >> now you think sweet words like this would get under the skin of pro immigrant groups, but it's members of the tea party who are up in arms. they say that this character unfairly exaggerates their platform. now, i think this is ridiculous. because when was the last time that professional wrestling exaggerated anything. >> michael: that's funny brett.
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>> what's funny. >> michael: to say that they exaggerate because pro wrestling is fake. >> what did you today? >> michael: fake. >> pro--this guy thinks it's fake. no, you going down, shure. if you think it's fake, i got some real pain i'm going to unleash on your face--grrr rh . >> michael: only in the war room and only from bob ehrlich. >> it's brett. >> michael: oh brett. go to our website page and check our out web exclusives. thank you for coming to "the war room" and have a great night. >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." we have an awesome show for you tonight. did you hear about the travesty
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of chuck hagel. >> one of the groups may have been part of the friends of hamas. >> cenk: wait until we show you how fake that group is. what a joke. speaking of jokes. we have all the media, gulf gate oh, a picture with tiger woods. >> the guy wants to play golf. the guy deserves a couple of days off. he wants privacy big deal. >> cenk: i know it's shocking but i actually agree with fox news on that one. what they're not talking about we have michael hastings to talk about that. and bill nye the science guy. here to talk about whether we're going to die from meteor
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attacks. >> cenk: oh my gosh, they're coming, it's go time! >> cenk: all right welcome to "the young turks." you know chuck hagel, of course the nominee for secretary of defense, former republican senator from nebraska and other republicans are mad at him. oh man he's too soft. he wants. to negotiate with iran instead of nuke them, how dare he. and thenned hit line secret hagel donor? white house spokesperson ducks question on "friends of hamas." oh, my god, what else do you have well, they said this in an article. it was one of the names listed is a group purportedly called
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"friends of hamas." oh, ladies and gentlemen, they got him. so this spreads like wildfire through the right wing blogosphere. "national review" picks it up, etc. "national review's" andrew mccarthy went on lou dobbs show and said this. >> with the report that came out last week, not confirmed but we're not denying it, one of the groups behind the speeches may have been an outfit called "friends of hamas. >> cenk: the white house not denying it vigorously. then it must be true. did you know that there are also unicorns in the white house also not denied vigorously. think about it. rand paul goes to talk to hugh hewitt. >> let me bring up one piece of information that ben shapiro at breitbart put out today, which one of the foreign funders
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behind senator hagel is something called "friends of hamas. if that is, in fact true, senator, would that lead you to vote against mr. haig. >> well, i saw that information also, and that is more and more concerning, each day there are new things coming out. >> you can't take money from a terrorist supporting organization and come before the senate, can you? >> i'm troubled about it. >> cenk: he may have to go down, mike huckabee weighed in. there was no one on the right side that didn't weigh in on this terrible friends of had mass. then a report in the daily news. " friends of hamas: my role." he made it up. he did it as a joke. he was talking to a republican aide. let me quote you the article. hagel was in hot water for
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alleged hostility to israel. so i asked my source had hagel given a speech to say junior league of hezbollah in france, and it was clear that i was talking hypothetically and hyperbolically. no one could take serious that those organizations existed or that an senator would speak to them. >> cenk: the entire conservative media took it seriously because they wanted to believe it. they don't care if it's true or not. i don't know if it's gotten through to anybody yet but they don't do journalism. just because you talk about the news doesn't mean that you report the news or take care in reporting the news and doing reporting or journalism of any sort. these guys are all propaganda, that's their point. if they can smear someone with misinformation, great, what is
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the down side? we'll bring in max reed, a reporter for gawker. just when we saw that friends of hamas was nonsense, he uncovered >> i signed in this morning and i saw that friends of hamas the daily news guy said that it was a rumor that he started, it was a joke. i went online and looked around, there was no web presence. if this is going to be a scary terrorist organization it needs a web presence. it needs a brand to frighten people away from chuck hagel. i did them a favor. i register for friends of and set up a scary terrorist page. >> cenk: don't do it. >> in the comments of the daily news article i scrolled down after i created it, for all i know a guy is joking.
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he said, if it's not real why does it have a website. someone replied totally seriously. they looked it up on the database and if i was joking to it. there was no connection to reality here. >> cenk: let's talk about that as a concept. so a lot of conservative media including fox news channel, is taking it very seriously when they release a tape. initially no one bothers to find out if its doctored or edited. we've been through this so many different times. is it really the bigger problem of the media that takes these guys seriously and reports what they're saying with any degree of creditty. >> one thing i worry about with stuff like this, people don't take enough time debunking it. the report of the friends of hamas has been out for weeks. the only mainstream reporter who took time to look into it to find that friends of hamas does
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not exist was frank beingel. weigle. it's going in forwards from our aunts and uncles to ur inboxes and no one is saying that this is not true. the daily news report is funny. it's a great story. but we didn't even need that. two weeks ago you call a few people. you google friends of hamas you find this isn't even a friends of hamas website. you find out this is some guy told ben shapiro and he ran with it. there is no accountability. >> cenk: so now ben shapiro totally unapologetic. he calls the daily news reporter a hack, and saying, hey i stand by my source. story. i had a source. i had a source who told me there was friends of hamas.
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is that good enough? i have one source, it is what it is, and my job is to report what the source said. >> you look at his first article he said he's citing senate sources. plural sources. then he said today that he only had one source. so he's lying it's not journalistically appropriate to say that you have more sources when you only have one. i work with a gossip outlet. sometimes we run rumors, too. when you have an unnamed sources you need two to go with it. then you can say i have two sources this is why chuck hagel is not releasing his documents because he has received donations from friends of hamas. come on, this is not real. that's not even gossip-news level accountability.
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that's a complete lie. >> cenk: does it go to the culpability of the overall conservative media. it's one thing for breitbart to write that, but to go all the way up to senator rand paul to say, oh, really troubling. >> and hugh hewitt who is not following up on it. he's asking questions of rand paul who is saying this is troubling without himself thinking about it, doing any critical thought about it. at all. it's insane. it's a complete bubble. the real world doesn't even penetrate. >> cenk: thank you max read from gawker, now we know what kind of a dangerous man you are for running friends of hamas. there is a website. it must be true. when we come back, they'll take that as a second source. okay, when we come back we'll talk about the voting rights act. of course, the republicans have are
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thinking of ripping it down. >> we should follow the example of a north miami woman desilene. when is he went to her voting place she was told it would be six hours. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
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like esurance. their coverage counselor tool helps you choose the right coverage for you at a great price. [ stomach growls ] without feeling queasy. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying.
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you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." the voting rights act has been here for 50 years. so many different parts that were actually preventing minority from voting in 16 different states. so now the republicans with a like to tear it down. president obama had an example of someone who waited too long in line. this is part of the effort to prevent people were voting, which is what we don't want in a democracy. we want people to vote, right? president obama highlight desilene victor in his state of the union speech.
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>> obama: we should follow the example of a north miami woman named desilene victor, when desilene victor arrived at her polling place she was told the wait might be six hours. the time ticked around her concern was not her tired body or acre aching feet, her concern but whether people would be able to vote. she was able to 2039 on the sticker that said i voted. >> cenk: that was a special story. everybody liked that story--wrong. fox news did not like that story. they yucked it up about december lean victorier. >> that 102 woman should not be online. >> why not. >> what's the big deal. >> what else is she doing? >> she was happy. she waited in line. she was happy she was this to
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vote. >> hey helder up as a victim. what was she a victim of? >> cenk: they're making fun of the rashes on the bottom of her feet and she's 102 years old and she just wants to exercise her right to vote. fox news guys are unbelievable. now how much people have to wait. they said it has 95% accuracy. you see there, there was about 90-minute wait in four different places in the country and it tapers off. there was significant waits throughout the country. now, there are several different states that say you know what we'd like to introduce new legislation that makes it harder to vote. among those states that are challenging the voting rights act are alabama alaska, arizona arizona, georgia, south carolina, south dakota, texas, they all appear to be red states
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and arizona was the only state that did not pass some form of i.d. law. they're all trying to make it hard for vote through voting document laws. in 2009 the supreme court looked like they were open to challenging the voting rights act. justice routes wrote, the historic accomplishments of the voting rights act are undeniable but the act now raises serious constitutional concern, in other words, these guys might overturn it. we go to judith brown director of the advancement project and litigated much of the i.d. laws in 2012. here is the fun fact. thank you for coming on. waited online for seven hours to vote. where were you voting and my god, seven hours. >> i was in maryland, not a
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battleground state. actually i was voting early voting. i went on a sunday the day before sandy was scheduled to hit maryland and i had to wait seven hours, six hours outside one hour inside of the library in maryland, and you know, it was horrible. and you know, part of the problem was that people wanted to vote, and we don't have a lot of early voting sites in the state of maryland. while it's supposed to make it easier, in fact, it was not too easy. >> cenk: it's a good thing you went to early voting. you might have been late if you had to wait seven hours for normal voting. >> how about that. >> cenk: judith, that's the thing. there was really strong voter turnout in 2012, more than expected. could it be because people were thinking oh no, not on my watch. i'm not going to let you take my voting rights away. >> it's interesting because my wait in line in maryland there
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was a lot of discussion among voters unprompted by the voting rights attorney who was standing in line with them about the fact that people were not going to have their vote taken away. people knew that there were laws across the country that were trying to make it harder to vote. in fact, what was happening was that the states were passing laws that really rolled back voting rights in the most broadest of senses that we have seen in more than a century. we were going back to making it as hard as it was with poll taxes because of these voter i.d. laws. folks just said, you know what, this is not happening. they stood in line. they waited, desilene victor, who we had the opportunity to bring her to the state of the union and raising her story to the country is a quintessential
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story of a voter who was committed, and who would overcome the barriers. but at the end of the day we should not have barriers standing in the way of exercising one of our most fundamental rights in this democracy. >> cenk: judith during the state of the union president obama announced a voting commission. i want to show you that portion of the state and then ask you something about it. >> obama: we must all do our parts to make sure our god-given rights are protected. that includes one of the most fundamental rights of the democracy. the right to vote. so tonight i'm announcing a nonpartisan commission to improve the voting experience in america, and it definitely needs improvement. i'm asking two long-term experts in the field who by the way recentlily served as the top attorneys for my campaign and for governor romney's campaign to lead it. >> cenk: well, judith, there in lies a significant problems.
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ben ginsberg was romney's and george w. bush's lawyer on these issues. do you think this commission is on the level? is that going to help when you have one of the biggest republican obstructionists on the commission? >> the problem is the president does not have the authority to make the fixes that we really need on his own. he needs congress. and the other problem is that our elections really are subjected to partisan maneuvering and manipulation by those who want to win. you know, in some ways you have to have some bipartisan convening and people coming together around some principles about what our democracy should look like. it's a step in the right direction. is it going to fix the problem? no. but what it means is that the president has to use his bully pullpulpit to make sure that we make
4:23 pm
it easier for people to participate. at the end of the day our constitution says that we are all equal, and vote something that one important moment in which we all walk into a voting both, it doesn't matter if you're rich boor, black white latino we all have the same say in our democracy and we have to uphold that. >> cenk: judith, what would you do, if you could have congress do any number of laws on voting what would you have them do? >> oh, let's see. well, i would start with the fact that we do need snarl standards around voting. why is it that in different states we vote in different ways. some states have early voting some states don't. in the state of virginia there is no early voting. you have to have an excuse to vote by absentee ballot. we need to have national standards. right now we have 13,000 election jurisdictions in this
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country that run elections 13,000 different ways. those local election officials who have a lot of discretion. we need to do that. we need to make sure that registration is easy. why is it when i move from one side of town to another that i have to update my voter registration. uncle sam can find me. why can't the voter registration folks find me? we got it make it easier to register. we need to have more opportunities to have free, fair and accessible elections. >> cenk: judith, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> cenk: no problem. when we come back, you know though meteors that hit russia, we have 100 million people who watched them online. this are victims as well. >> and she was thrown in by the wave that came after the flash. and then we--my ears got blocked, and the whole room got
4:25 pm
filled with dust. >> cenk: and there's bill nye the science guy. he's in the studio. he's going explain to us the real dangers much those meteors. is it going to hit your backyard next? no, it's not. that's next.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ explosion ] >> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." that was a meteor that crashed in russia. there was data on it, ten thousand tons is how much it weigh the. the diameter was 50 feet and the speed was 40,000 mph. that was a thousand miles a second. and it scared a lot offer the bejesus out of a lot of folks. we brought in bill nye the science guy who is the host of "bill nye the science guy"."
4:29 pm
should we be worried? are we going to die. >> we're not going to die but we should be worried. now we at the planetary siting funded this this one that hit over russia lake chebarkle. we. >> we know about 1% of the earth-crossing astroid as soon as that's funny. the hast time-- >> it was the day before. >> cenk: we had a huge astroid coming that was notary lated to these meteors. you said we don't know what is heading our direction. and, boom, it hits us.
4:30 pm
>> it's proof of the pair norm paranormal. no, we want to find these things 15 years in advance and then give them a nudge. just a few millimeters a second makes all the difference. >> cenk: i began to get scared that we're going to be hit tonight. every time you come on the show this is a meteor the next night. >> every single time, magic in small numbers. no this is a real opportunity. first of all, it's the magic mythic wake-up call, right? this thing--these things don't hit the ground right away. this is so-called air burst where the atmosphere acts like a saw. have you ever the story you jump off the bridge, and even if you point your toes you will be killed because the impact of the water. >> cenk: i heard that's true. >> so she say.
4:31 pm
i've jump off bridges and experienceed unsetelling effects. but it came at 40,000 mph and it shatters. the kinetic energy, it's turned to heat. this is this enormous shockwave. now you know how fast the molecules are going between you and me right now? take a guess. >> cenk: i'm going to guess super fast. >> there is a round number that you can use. >> cenk: 1 million a second. >> it's the speed of sound. >> cenk: i feel like i'm back in physics class and getting every question wrong. >> this pushes on the molecules much faster than their natural speed, the speed of sound. there is a shockwave that is hot and high pressure and that's what blew out all the windows. so it's spread out quickly. then if the thing hits the
4:32 pm
ground then you have meteor created, and there was a meteor in iowa, if you've ever been in the united states. there is so corrosion wind, rain. >> cenk: i didn't know iowa had been hit. i thought it was only russia. >> have you heard of the tungusta event. >> cenk: 1908. >> yes. the air burst blew down all the trees in an instant. in an instant. >> cenk: i have more amazing facts. first of all 82 million trees were wiped out by that meteor according to 82 million. now this meter that hit was much smaller, but the amazing fact about that, 500 kilotons of
4:33 pm
energy. >> you know hiroshima-- >> cenk: they're saying it was 33 times the size of hiroshima. >> the atom bomb was delivered to the ground and this exploded about 40,000 from the ground. with in radiation. but notice when the object gets a little bigger then it causes a lot more trouble. if it's coming in at a different
4:34 pm
angle it causes a lot more trouble. we believe there are about 100,000 of that's things--not russia-size. but da 14 size, tungusta size. and we know where 1% of them are. >> cenk: 100,000. >> yes 100,000. >> cenk: should she come by. >> they come by about 120 years. that we just had one. >> this is when we remind you the probability of an event happen something not the same as the consequences. if there is one in ten million chance of getting in an airplane wreck, that doesn't mean that an airplane wreck isn't a very serious thing. >> cenk: when you say once every 120 years based on probability. >> it could happen tonight. >> cenk: that's what i'm worried
4:35 pm
about. if it happens tonite you're not coming on the show any more. >> that would be cool, then we could control it. >> cenk: what size. are we talking about small meteors or the big ones that come by every 120 years. >> no, 50 meters is tungusta. >> cenk: going back to the explanation of what happened, even the huge one that happened in 1908. >> the air burst. >> cenk: it was exploding over the air that caused the all the damage. >> yes hitting the air is what made it explode. >> cenk: a giant fireball. >> yes a giant fireball. >> cenk: so it's not the collision with the earth itself that is the problem. >> it's the atmosphere. it's hitting the atmosphere. but you understand if the object gets bigger in the 140 to
4:36 pm
150-meter size, then you end up with an enormous hole in the ground. it hits the atmosphere explodes, but there is still more than a third of it left that keeps going and hits the earth, right? so it's very serious thing. but check it out. we are the first generation of people that could do something about it. furthermore, it's a world problem. we could all work together as space-bearing nations to go out there and do some good, to save the world for us. >> cenk: we would even work with the russians? i don't know about that. let me ask you a totally unrelated question. has anybody ever said--asked you if you look like lincoln at all? >> actually that has come up. every rendering i've seen of lincoln, you're talking about abraham lincoln. >> cenk: yes, not the car. >> he had a beard. >> cenk: yes, but for a halloween outfit if you grew a beard you could go as lincoln or
4:37 pm
daniel day-lewis. think about it. >> that's troubling. this astroid thing is cool as well as scary. so what you do is you go out there with the rocket and just hit it. if you knew where it was ten years in advance whatever the numbers. just a bam. or the planetary society we want to shoot lasers at it. >> cenk: will the lasers work? >> we're testing it. a swarm of laser beams that would--and then the surface volatilizes, and then it acts like a jet to veer it off. now if the veer could be used as a trans transitive verb. the trouble is if we don't know about it in time. then go out with a nuclear weapon and set it off who is going to be in charge of that?
4:38 pm
>> cenk: bruce willis, probably. >> what if you make it worse? what if it tumbles and breaks up on the backside of it. >> cenk: and then we need to plan ahead so we don't need ben of aaffleck to set it off. >> no, we want to be able to find the system and find the deflection when we need it. the only natural disaster we can do something about. >> cenk: we got to do all of that before bill nye comes on the"the young turks" again. >> because you think i'm cause and affect. one data, and this is how people end up in the witch trials. this is what happened, right here. cenk, it is i who must thank you, and dare i say it, we must change the world. i got to fly. >> cenk: take a picture of bill.
4:39 pm
he's gone. he's gone. he's gone. you'll never catch him. when we come back, golf gate and blade runner. we're talking about his and his trial as he goes to south africa. we'll be right back. >> everyone is sad understandably but at a certain point we were smiling.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." you know oscar pistorius the blade runner. he's the south african runner known for his prosthetic legs.
4:43 pm
now he's known for the possible alleged murder of his girlfriend, "abc news" has more. >> the 26-year-old nicknamed the blade runner wept as the prosecutor said he shot and killed an innocent unarmed woman. the state outlined its case against pistorius. they believe he got out of his bed, put on his prosthetic leg and walked 21 feet to a locked bathroom door. inside that bathroom, 29-year-old cover model reeva steenkamp was shot three times. the prosecutor gerrie nel quote she locked the door for a purpose. we will get to that purpose. >> cenk: we go to contributing writeer for espn, sam guilty or not guilty. >> i don't know. i find this very, very very hard to believe.
4:44 pm
>> cenk: that's a start. i see where you're going with that. let me read to you on the trajectory of the bullets. >> botha said the tradition trajectory of the bullets showed the gun was fired pointed down and from a height. this seems to conflict with pistorius' statement tuesday because the athlete said that he did not have on his prosthetics and on his stumps and feeling vulnerable because he was in a low position when he open fired. >> this is shaping up to be the next o.j. simpson trial. you have two high-profile athletes who were carried into in the armies ofthearms of fans into celebrity status. they were involved in love
4:45 pm
triangles and they both have the glove don't fit defense. look at pistorius' account. he says he hears a noise in the middle of the night and he doesn't think to look over to see if his girlfriend, who is spending the night is still in bed. if it had been me, and if has been me on different occasions i look over and say, did you hear that noise? no he didn't even thinks to look. and then he crawls seven meters to the door. i think that is fares away. it's not like he rolled over, grabbed the gun and shot in panic. he crawls 20 feet four bullets through the door, and then thinks wait that, could be my girl in there. >> cenk: another piece of fact that is damning on that note. according to "the new york times" he also said that the holster of mr. pistorius' .9mm
4:46 pm
pills to was found under the left side of the bed next to where ms. steenkamw would have been sleeping. and he thought she was still in bed when he heard the sound of a burglar, the detective said. the gun is under her side of the bed, how in the world did he not see that--doesn't that make any sense. >> it doesn't add up. again this, is what the prosecution is claiming. but you hear a noise. you roll over and look for the gun. i don't know if it's my girlfriend but they pee in the middle of the night. you hear noise. >> cenk: when they go to the bathroom oh, okay. >> yeah, they get up. but no, it doesn't add up. but we know where this is going. we have heard this song. we've seen this movie. we're going to get a circuit trial. we're only in the bail hearing
4:47 pm
now. >> cenk: do you have any sense--south africa loved this guy. any sense whether the popular sentiment has flipped on him already? >> south africans love him. the world loves him. in america we knew the blade runner. the blade runner is the blade gunner, prepare to be entertained. the public sentiment has flipped on him a bit quite considerably. his sponsors and endorsements. >> cenk: have they gone. >> yes, i don't know what he's worth now but he'll be worth considerably less when this is all said and done. >> cenk: he had money, the dream team of lawyers. >> if the parallel holds we know how this is going to end. money and celebrity you get off scott free. >> cenk: that would be amazing. i don't know if they have the same system as we do. here people with money can hire all the lawyers in the world and that gives them a much
4:48 pm
greater chance getting off than the average guy. but there is another part of the story, steroids. >> exactly why steenkamp was shot to death is still a mystery. a cricket bat covered with blood was possibly used in an argument before the shooting and steroids were found in pistorius' home and investigators are testing his blood for the drug that can cause aggressive roid rage. >> cenk: is that an issue for athletes who take this in large amount roid rage. >> yes that is a real issue. i don't know anyone who is using steroids, i think the police inspector who presented that at the hearing today. he might have bungled that. that is a whole different--look at this guy. you have a police investigator
4:49 pm
bungling distances witness accounts findings on the scene again i think the prosecution walked that back and said maybe it wasn't steroids. but this police investigateor makes inspector clousoau look like a genius. >> cenk: can you you named me an offensive lineman in the nfl who doesn't use steroids. >> it's more surprising when they don't. >> cenk: keep it real. sam, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> cenk: when we come back o my god, golf gate. do you know president obama was golfing and there are no pictures. there is an important story in there that the press is bungling. we'll have that when we come back. >> prompting a formal protest
4:50 pm
from white house correspondents.
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>> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." the white house press corp was outraged when president would not share documents and i could list 12 other things that the white house did not disclose that they were not outranged by. but my god when the president was golfing with tiger woods and couldn't even get a picture and there was a celebrity involved they flipped out. here is "abc news" saying this white house goes to extreme lengths to keep the press away. i can't believe it. she called it a disgrace. a disgrace. then ed henry this, is funny. he had of the white house correspondent association. he works for fox news. he said,
4:54 pm
>> cenk: this is when they realized they needed transparency from the white house. this is a sad joke. let's bring in michael hastings who wrote a great book with how the press interacts with president obama. michael with the rolling stone and bust feed and the notebook with "the young turks." michael, transparency. turns out the white house press corp is outrage that they're not getting some. is this straw that broke the camel's back. >> the stakes could not be lower. look, people who cover the white house do have frustrations about how much access they're given. but the fact that they chose this as the imaginary line, this
4:55 pm
is credit weather they're going have their last stand makes them look silly. they're making fools of themselves using this as a way to explain about the level of access that they get. this is the white house press corp and i wrote this in detail in the book. they have their own secret-- >> cenk: that's unfortunate. how do we lose the satellite? i want to know what was in his book. oh weoh well. michael, before he was abruptly cut off said something really important that i did not know. apparently the one question that they got to ask was about golf, wow, michael is back. you were saying what was in the book michael? >> right right i'm not even trying to plug the book but it's a point of hypocrisy here. the white house press wanted to have their own secret dinner with the president behind closed doors. now they're saying look, obama
4:56 pm
could have a round of golf on his down time. why should you be involved? the reason why they want to be involved, it's because it's with a celebrity. it's not about transparency but its bottom feeding. >> cenk: bill nye was on the show oh, know, another meteor. talk to me about jay carney. he said something interesting. >> i quote we don't control everyone who is around. by every he meant journalists. the reason the press corp fund out about the event was because there was a "golf digest" reporter who snuck in--got in to the clubhouse and reported on it. so the press sees this and says oh, my god how did this guy get in and we didn't?
4:57 pm
then the press secretary response, carney's response is we don't control everyone. we just control you guys. we don't control this guy over here. that is a very telling mentality mentality. they believe there is a certain set of rules that the white house and press should follow but this rule gets into the thinking of what are we allowed to report? let's get per permission. we don't have permission to report it? >> cenk: that's amazing they need permission to report things. let me ask you about the heart of the matter here. how does the white house--whether it's the bush white house or the obama white house--control these reporters so effectively. >> there was white house pacification program. what he meant this is a media-savvy white house. they overfeed the reporters they're traveling all the time, and then they basically pump out
4:58 pm
these press releases. the reporters are under time constraints so it's easier to go with that. every day that you're covering the white house you're basically covered manufactured news events by puts you in a very difficult position as a reporter where you're waiting on these people who tell you where to go, where to eat where to sleep, and what to write. that's the heart of the matter. they're so crazy they think they're going to get sympathy from this tiger woods thing. they're in their bubble. >> cenk: they think that's all anybody cares about. michael, thank you for joining us as usual. >> cenk: thanks for having me. we'll be back with a very important last point. no. no. yes! a website that works like a wedding registry. but for a car. first, you customize it. then let people sponsor the car's parts as gifts. dad sponsors the engine for your birthday. grandma sponsors the rims for graduation. the car gets funded. then you pick up your new dodge dart at the dealership.
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